Even as a regular user, the constant changes in the industry and those connected with the air express industry, can make the information in hand obsolete. Therefore it is a good practice to regularly consult with your service provider and be updated on such changes. Some of the more common areas to be aware of are listed below, however, this list does not exhaust all the possible issues.  



Check the existing regulations of the destination you are exporting to for the relevant commodity   Provide a Pro-forma Invoice or Commercial invoice as the case may be, if you are shipping a dutiable item   Declare the correct value of the goods on the consignment note as well as on the invoice for any item other than documents.   Chargeable weight is generally as per the dimensional weight if this exceeds the actual dead weight. Therefore check the dimensions and dimensional weight as well prior to shipping.   Check the transit time with your service provider Be aware of the Surcharges such as Fuel etc.  



Express Companies charge the shipper only for transportation. Duties and Taxes at the destination are collected from the consignee. Express companies generally assume that the consignee is aware of their own country regulations.   All Express companies have limitations in liability for loss, delay or damage. If the item is valuable, please consider insurance. Most Express companies will arrange this for you.   Express companies are not liable for consequential damages. The limitations of liabilities can be verified with the service provider.   Express companies use a combination of their own transportation and commercial transportation and don't accept liability for delays due to failures of commercial transportation.   Transit times promised by express companies, especially for Non-Documents, are always subject to delay due to stringent customs controls at the destinations, which may cause additional delays. Express Companies do not accept liability for such delays as it is beyond their control.   Generally liability for compensation is accepted only in the case of negligence or acts of omission by the express company.