SLAAEC has clear objectives and a scope of activity that they work within.  

(1) To provide for consultation between the members and airlines/airline agents, Sri Lanka Customs, Director of Civil Aviation, Government and other authorities on matters of common interest to the Air Express Industry.  

(2) To bring together the representatives of various Associations, Trade and Industrial Associations/Organisations, for consultation and discussion of problems affecting the industry in Sri Lanka  

(3) To represent the views of the Members with regard to the availability and adequacy of airline space, frequency of flights, efficiency of handling cargo at airport, airport charges, airport facilities, warehousing.  

(4) To negotiate and enter into agreements with airlines or airline agents on matters affecting the Members which involve general principles and policies or on such other matters as referred to the Association.  

(5) To undertake studies and conduct research on problems affecting the Air Express Industry in Sri Lanka.  

(6) To make rules, regulations and by-laws for the conduct of the affairs of the Members for the benefit of the industry.  

(7) To foster sound business relationships and set a code of ethics for the conduct of its members and ensure professionalism in the Air Express Industry.


Some activities undertaken by SLAAEC on behalf of the industry  

SLAAEC has at various times being called upon to represent the industry in matters that may impact either the industry as a whole or selected market segments. At such times, the SLAAEC lobbies with the relevent authority to achieve these objectives. Some areas where SLAAEC has made representations successfully are given below   || GST Zero rating leading to VAT Zero rating  

Organising of Annual Cricket get together for the express industry to foster sound relationships  

Organisation of Annual Dinner Dance to raise funds for association activities and foster sound relationships.  

Representations to Ground Handling agent for improved and streamlined services  

Representations and consultation with Sri Lanka Customs authorities to streamline procedures  

Lobbying for establishment of Dedicated Express Center at the Airport (Ongoing)