General Restrictions and Prohibitions


When sending items overseas, express companies have to deal with numerous country specific regulations as well as general restrictions and prohibitions. In this section, we give a guide to general restrictions and prohibitions which are most common. As always, your service provider will be in the best position to guide you at the time.



General restrictions are those that are controlled by the origin or destination authorities and require licences, approvals and such authorization. In some instances there are restrictions on quantities or values.   Most common restricted items are Foodstuffs Medicines & Drugs Liquids Credit, Debit or Bank ATM cards Plants & Seeds etc,..  



These items cannot be sent by express mode to any country   Cash and Currency Narcotics Pornography Arms & Ammunition Explosives  



Check the country specific restrictions or prohibitions with your service provider prior to dispatch of the consignment. This includes high value consignments or cases where there are limitations on the quantities that can be sent. These restrictions may apply at the origin and / or the destinations.